about us

About us

radiCibus opened its doors back in May 2017 as a result of the realization of a project ideated by partners in business and life Giovanni Petitto (Sommelier) and Mara Allevi (Head Chef). 

The idea behind this project is to shine a light on Italian classic dishes, holding on tight to the tradition while trying to rethink and innovate.

Mara has  Trained as a chef with the New Town Cookery school,  and Giovanni has studied in a wine-making school in Italy and WSET and Court of Master Sommelier in UK

radiCibus literally means food from the roots, a name chosen to explain the strong attachment they have with their culinary roots. This modern Italian eatery aims to celebrate the Italian cuisine, using mostly ingredients and culinary technique utilized in Marche region, in the center of Italy. A beautiful place, unknown by most and that has still to be fully discovered. Giovanni and Mara’s motherland.

Their personal hope is to bring a piece of their Italian culture on the Edinburgh’s tables. Mara with her expertise in handmade pasta, her love for simple food made with the best ingredient, possibly organic, her passion for traditional recipes and her continuous culinary wonder. Giovanni with his wine knowledge, his curiosity in discovering family owned wineries that still respect traditions and responsible wine making and his love for hospitality.

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