booking conditions

Bookings Terms and Conditions

If you have paid a deposit, make sure to mention this to the waiter when asking for the bill, as it might happen that the epos system doesn’t deduct the deposit automatically

When booking a Table at RadiCibus using our on-line calendar you will be asked to leave your card details. These are securely stored by stripe ( if you have never heard of them please click here to know who they are) .

We cannot see the card details, but just the expiry date  and the last 4 digits of the card long number

why  do we securely  collect card details?


For tables of 3 or more people there is a deposit charge of 20£ per person. This is subtracted from the bill or, if requested, can be refunded on the day of your dinner to your card, so you can split your bill evenly with your guests.

We automatically charge 40£ per person if there is a no-show or a cancellation not done at least 24h in advance. Deposits are refundable only if your table is cancelled at least 24h in advance.

Unfortunately we don’t always keep track of all the bookings or cancellations.

If you have paid a deposit and cancelled  at least 24h in advance, please send us an email to 

You will be refunded immediately. Stripe timing is 3-4 working days to get the money back to your account.

Please note that the restaurant is no longer accepting cash payments, all credit and debit cards are accepted

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