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APERITIF & COCKTAILS [ice at home is required]

NEGRONI [250ml]   £16          {oak aged and home infused with rosemary, bay leaves, orange and juniper , dehydrated orange for garnish [serves 2]}

WILD STRAWBERRIES KIR [250ml]   £12          {organic prosecco and artisan wild strawberries liqueur [serves 2]}

PEACH BELLINI [250ml]   £12          {organic prosecco, organic peach puree}


MENABREA [330ml]   £3.5          {light Italian lager}

ISAAC [330ml]   £4.5          {white ale artisan beer unfiltered}





Our wines are carefully selected from small, indipendent wineries. 

Most of them come from around our village, in Italy, from trusted family-run wineries.

SPARKLING WINES [750ml bottle]

SPUMANTE ROSE VITICOLTORI ACQUESI   £25          {red fruit, crisp acidity, soft foam}

PROSECCO FIDORA   £22          {organic, green apple, crisp, refreshing} 


LAGREIN MEZZACORONA   £15          {raspberries, strawberries, crisp acidity, TRENTINO ALTO ADIGE 2018}

WHITE WINE [750ml]

VENETO BIANCO FIDORA   £15          {organic, garganega and unoaked chardonnay, dry, VENETO 2018} 

CATARATTO CIELLO   £16          {ripe, stone fruit, medium acidity, unfiltered, SICILIA 2018}

PINOT GRIGIO FIDORA   £16          {crisp, lemon, white fruit, VENETO 2019}

VERDICCHIO DI GINO FATTORIA SAN LORENZO   £20          {natural fermentation, unfiltered, dried oranges, ripe stone fruit, nuts, MARCHE 2018} (not available, waiting for delivery)

VERMENTINO ANTONIO CAMILLO   £19          {sage, lemon, stone fruit, natural fermentation, TOSCANA 2018}

PECORINO CIU’ CIU’   £19          {ripe peach, lemon, refreshing acidity, MARCHE 2018}

TREBBIANO “LA CAPRA” PODERI SAN BIAGIO   £28          {organic, orange wine in anfora, bold nutty flavours, full bodied, ABRUZZO 2019}

FIANO ROYCELLO TOMARESCA-ANTINORI   £24          {ripe and concentrated white stone fruit, crisp acidity, PUGLIA 2018}

PECORINO “RENZO” PODERI SAN LAZZARO   £28          {off-dry, rich and concentrated stone fruit, herbs and nuts, MARCHE 2017}

PECORINO “MIDA” MARIA LETIZIA ALLEVI   £26          {concentrated lemon, peach, mediterranean herbs, savoury, MARCHE 2018}

PECORINO “COSSINEO” FONTORFIO   £28          {organic, an example to show how the pecorino grape ages well, rich, high concentration of flavours, yet with vibrant acidity, MARCHE 2019}

RED WINES [750ml bottle]

NERO D’AVOLA TASCA   16£          {red fruit, liquorice, light bodied, SICILIA  2018}

BACCHUS CIU CIU   19£          {concentrated red fruit, liquorice root, medium bodied, MARCHE 2018

CHIANTI CLASSICO RUFINA FATTORIA LAVACCHIO   21£          {earthy, concentrated red fruit, wood notes, full bodied, TOSCANA 2017}

SHYRAZ TERRE ARGILLOSE  33£          {aged in barrel, elegant, ripe fruit, liquorice, warm spices, wood, vibrant acidity, MARCHE 2015} 

PODERE72 PODERI SAN BIAGIO   29.5£          {warm spices, black pepper, black fruit, medium acidity, MARCHE 2017}

POLESIO PODERI SAN LAZZARO   21£          {juicy, fresh red fruit, black pepper, light bodied, MARCHE 2018}

CONFUSION (bordeaux blend)   33£     {aged in barrel, silky, smooth tannins, high concentration of black fruit and wood notes, MARCHE 2012}

Most of the wines from our region (Marche, Piceno sub-region) are made with Sangiovese and Montepulciano grapes.

They are very different though depending on the climate, vintage and terroir

For any information or suggestion please send us a message to 07505204121.

We do also wine deliveries around Edinburgh city center.